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Ogura Martial Arts in Ravenna, Ohio offers classes in the martial arts for ages 4 to adult, as well as Weapons! Ladies take our TEST for the ultimate in Self-Defense!!

I originally started TaeKwon Do, at the age of 10, for self-defense and self-confidence.  I earned my 1st Dan Black Belt and became a certified instructor through Kukiwon at the age of 16.  Dedication to Martial Arts led me to managing and being Head Instructor of a branch martial arts school in northeast Ohio.  Even tough TaeKwon Do is an excellent martial arts style, I realized that just one style limited my ability to fully protect myself.  I wanted more!  In 1996, I opened Ogura Martial Arts and incorporated the Jeet Kune Do concepts, Silat, Kali Eskrima, Muay Thai, Judo, and trapping into my training and yours.  I have had the honor of learning from some of the top martial artists in the world.

I continue to study and expand my knowledge of Martial Arts and consider it a privilege to teach this unique art to you.  I instruct students starting at age 4 and impose no age limit.  I have experience in teaching students with A.D.D. and physically impaired students.  I've also taught self-defense at K.S.U. in Ohio.  I am a certified coach and vice-chairman for the Lake Erie Region A.A.U. Jr. Olympics.  Ogura Martial Arts is a certified school and member of the O.A.M.A., A.A.U., and Weapons Connection Society.


Mr Kenneth Mills

About the Instructor...

Ken "Butch" mills

Ravenna, Ohio

​​3011 St. Rt. 59

Ravenna, Ohio 44266